What are The Risks Of DIY Carpet Cleaning at home?

There is something great about having fresh and clean carpets in our homes. It makes us feel better & provides our guests a great reception. Cleaning them on your own may have been an idea that you might have considered before – after all, there’re so many advertisings saying how you can rent ‘professional’ machines & the outcomes look really superb. Great! You may think, I will get them done at the weekend & save big money!

So you move to your nearest DIY store and rent a machine with carpet cleaning agents, and ready for action. After an entire day of wiping away, filling up, emptying, etc – will you be amazed with the outcomes?

The honest answer will be a big “No”. Occasional DIY cleaning may be all right but regularly cleaning your carpet on your mayn’t be a good idea. A small carpet cleaning machine from a hardware store has to be small for a reason. If it is too big you won’t be able to lift it, hence use it properly. Now being so small means that there is a limit on power.


Basically the bigger the machine the heavier it gets – due to much bigger internal motors and pumps for example, it will have more power, allowing much better results to be had. Let’s take this further. As the power increases even more (and again, along with the weight and size of the machine) the better it will perform in the worst conditions. There will be more vacuum, more heat and more water pressure leaving carpets much cleaner, brighter and dryer. But the question is can you use a big machine to great effect? You must know by now that Carpet Cleaning is not an easy task for your residence in Geelong!

What are the hidden dangers of a DIY carpet cleaning in Geelong?

Well, they are certainly present, that is for certain, and we occasionally notice the result – and rectify problems usually experienced with them. Here I’ll list all of them – and if you’ve ever tried a DIY method before you must have observed one of them – even all of them.

  • Poor cleaning result because of lack of power from the machine
  • Damp carpets for days prompting bad odours
  • Mould accumulation because of inappropriate cleaning endeavours
  • Delaminated carpet sourced by over wetting
  • Shrinkage prompted by excess dampness
  • Rapid recoiling sourced by high leftover content of cleaning agent left behind.

So, the idea of saving a few pounds now! Well could it actually cost you more financially in future? So, it is better consider hiring carpet cleaning service in Geelong from a professional operator out there. And who could better serve you in this purpose than Cleaning Contractors Geelong. Cleaning Contractors Geelong is professional carpet cleaning company who takes care of residential and commercial cleaning in Geelong. Call us on 0415555734, 0352481865 to schedule our professional carpet cleaning in Geelong.

5 Common Carpet Cleaning FAQs for Getting Best Results

People in Geelong generally have some questions when opting for a professional carpet cleaning in Geelong. Getting the correct answers can assure of being served with a value for money carpet cleaning service in Geelong. Carpet cleaning in Geelong is considered to be a significant investment for commercial and residential owners in enhancing the structure and interior appearance of any home or business.

It is commonly seen, there are some most frequently asked questions by most of the people before getting a carpet cleaningservice in Geelong from Geelong Cleaning Service, which is one of the most reliable cleaning companies in Geelong:

  1. Will my carpet shrink?

There always lies a risk of carpet shrinkage, if you opt for a poor quality carpet cleaning in Geelong that will offer use of cheap machinery and inappropriate chemicals. With an unskilled carpet cleaner in Geelong, you will get long drying times, over wetting of your carpet and incorrect temperature settings while washing the carpets; this will result in damaging appearance of the carpets as well as can cause shrinkage.

10619969_815621445147960_4243691121473279554_oBut with Geelong Cleaning Service you will get meticulous carpet cleaning process delivered by skilled carpet cleaners in Geelong. We will efficiently use effective carpet cleaning methods that will result in successfully removing all kind of dirt, dust and germs from your carpet without damaging or causing any shrinkage.

  1. Are the chemicals used for carpet cleaning safe?

We assure you of using highest standard of industry accredited safe cleaning solutions, which have environment friendly impact. Our experienced carpet cleaners in Geelong know how and how much to use these cleaning solutions to get effective carpet cleaning results.

  1. What to do before the carpet cleaners arrive?

You have to simply collect and remove any small and delicate items such as china tableware, ornaments, clothes and toys. Do not get worried about the heavy stuff such as furniture as we will carefully move it before the cleaning tasks begin and place it back once the process is completed.

  1. What type of cleaning equipment and method will be used?

We will use high-tech carpet cleaning equipments and harmless cleaning agents for executing a deep carpet cleaning in Geelong. Our steam cleaning method will be executed by skilled and experienced carpet cleaner in Geelong that will produce exceptional results.

  1. Is your carpet cleaning service in Geelong expensive?

GCS strives for delivering 100 % customer satisfaction while providing a deep carpet cleaning, which will successfully clean, restore and enhance the beauty of carpets. We are popular and reliable carpet cleaning service provider in Geelong, which offers industry best carpet cleaning at a reasonable price.

Contact us today at 0415555734, 0352483515 to get an effective carpet cleaning service in Geelong by GCS.

Reliable and High Quality Carpet Cleaning Service in Geelong

Carpets are most appealing aspects of your home décor that easily attracts dirt, dust and grime due to its unavoidable exposure. Dirty carpets are great platform that helps in harmful germs and allergens build up, which requires regular cleaning to eliminate health risk. For which most of the residents of Geelong are getting professional carpet cleaning service in Geelong that will give them sanitized and cleaned carpets. This signifies to get a perfectly cleaned carpet you need the help of expert carpet cleaners in Geelong.

Have a look on some compelling benefits of getting an effective and reliable carpet cleaning service in Geelong from Geelong Cleaning Service- a leading cleaning contractor providing high quality residential and commercial cleaning services and solutions with utmost perfection and care:


 Provides Longevity of your Carpet:

Vacuuming the carpets cannot remove all dirt and soils from the carpet, this requires regular carpet cleaning by our professional carpet cleaners, who executes the cleaning process by keeping in mind carpet’s material and quality to ensure deep cleaning without damaging your carpet’s luster. This results in extending life of your carpet by keeping it fresh and clean.

Efficiently Remove Rigid Stains:

Geelong carpet cleaning service will help in effective stain removal from your carpets by using advanced cleaning equipments and techniques. Stain lifting abilities of our expert carpet cleaners will leave you amazed.

Healthy Indoor Atmosphere:

Dirty carpets are a home for pollutants, germs and allergens, which when cleaned by our skilled carpet cleaners will result in successfully eradicating harmful pollutants, germs, and allergen along with dust& dirt that might have trapped in carpet fibers. With cleaned carpets you can be assured of a healthy and hygiene indoor atmosphere.

Enhances Carpet and Room Appearance:

Our trained carpet cleaners in Geelong will make sure your carpets are deep cleaned with utmost care, which will help in enhancing its appearance. Clean carpets add a vibrant and fresh look to any room décor.

Give us a call today at Call us-0415555734 to get a professional carpet cleaningservice in Geelong, Victoria and nearby areas. You can follow us on Facebook and twitter to get updated and connected with latest developments.

High Quality and Professional Geelong Carpet Cleaning Service

Want to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home and office in Geelong? Are you cleaning your carpets in office or home at regular interval? In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is required to clean your dirty carpets that will keep out indoor contaminants such as dirt, dusts and harmful germs away from indoor space. With clean and dirt free carpets your home in Geelong will have a sanitized living space and at office in Geelong, you will get a clean working space that will boost employees morale along with make a good impression on visitors.th-img05

Geelong Carpet Cleaning Service:

Do you think vacuuming results in giving a cleaned and dirt-free carpet? Then it can be said you have a misconception; vacuuming removes larger dirt particles and debris but unable in eliminating dirt, grime, stains and odors that lies deep within your carpet’s fibers. In this case, requirement of professional carpet cleaning service in Geelong evolves, which can help in perfectly cleaning your carpets removing dirt, dust, stains, mites, mold spore and other allergens successfully. Well trained and experienced carpet cleaners in Geelong will use advanced cleaning equipments and solutions that will help in treating stains in a proper way as well as will efficiently eliminates mold and mildew growth.

Trustworthy Carpet Cleaning Service in Geelong:

By hiring carpet cleaning service in Geelong from Geelong Cleaning Service will offer carpet cleaners having specialized knowledge and training for delivering effective carpet cleaning solutions to the precious clients. Our cleaners will use professional grade cleaning equipments that will ensure best possible results and 100% client satisfaction. We take utmost care of your environment and people living as well as will use eco-friendly cleansing agents, professional stain protection and pet odor treatments to ensure you get top quality carpet cleaning service in Geelong. Both commercial and residential clients can get benefitted by hiring our carpet cleaning service in Geelong. Give us a call today at 0415555734 for getting professional yet reliable Geelong carpet cleaning service.

Select a Reliable Carpet Cleaning Company

An ample amount of research has to be done before employing a cleaning company for your purpose; this will ensure, you get a reliable or reputable as well as efficient carpet cleaning company which will deliver an effective service. It is certain that every industry have set standards of their services like wise professional carpet cleaning industry does tries to maintain the required standard of giving high quality service.

A good carpet cleaning company will stand by its services, products and technology or equipments used and have no issues in providing a guarantee on them. This act of the cleaning company will ensure you that your satisfaction is their main priority. Giving you effective solutions by acquiring the right techniques will be mainly focused by carpet cleaning company.

Carpet Cleaning

There are some hazardous chemicals that can be bad for the environment and at times not great for the health of people living in that surrounding or space. Though these chemicals might not be fatally toxic but can have some side-effects resulting in harming one’s health. So, choose cleaning companies that utilizes environmental friendly cleansers and green approved equipments to serve your purpose of carpet cleaning.Cleaning companies provides well trained and efficient cleaners, who will visit your place; first inspects the carpet properly, takes up your issues, lets you know which cleaning process is suitable for your carpet, chemicals to be used, etc, then carefully executes his job of carpet cleaning. The cleaners should be quite efficient performing their job as well as able to answer all your queries related to carpet cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning in Geelong

There are many things which can be taken into consideration in selecting a reputable carpet cleaning service but one of the most important factor is company having an experience of good number of years in this business can serve well for your purpose.  Geelong Cleaning Service is considered perfect carpet cleaning contractors in Geelong; with good long years of experience in serving our customers with effective cleaning techniques to rely on.

What is meant by Move-out Cleaning Service?

Move-out cleaning service is provided by the cleaning companies for your various cleaning solutions, while shifting base from one place to another. Once every removable item are loaded, you can notice the place will be lying dirty, for this hire the end of lease cleaning service or moving-out cleaning service from a professional cleaning company. Getting the house clean before you move out can be done as of an act of courtesy or it is sometimes mandatory requirement especially if you are a former tenant. Move-out cleaning is done for a deep clean purpose, so that the new tenants moving into the house will have a good and lasting impression on you. The professional cleaning companies take out most care and uses specific tools to clean every part of the house without keeping any singles place unattended. You can avail this cleaning service which will involve from routine cleaning to deep cleaning of oven, baseboard, refrigerator, stove, cabinets, ceiling fans, drawers, etc. Move-out cleaning service can be hired for offices, apartment, etc.

geelong cleaning

Hiring professional cleaners for this service can make your life a lot easier and saves time. You can contact them at any time of the day and arrange a meeting to discuss the matter according to your convenience, so that your work will be done within a given time frame even if you are not present there. You do not have to arrange anything as the cleaners bring their own tools, chemicals and equipments with them. The cleaners are well-trained and experienced to give you an efficient cleaning solution.

They will thoroughly clean the floor, removing off the scuff marks by using proper technique to achieve an advanced attractiveness. Walls are cleaned and if necessary then repainted, showers and bathrooms are cleaned as well as sanitized properly with any traces of mold being removed.

If you are planning to move-out into your new residence in Geelong, then it is better to prepare your space for the next inhabitants by hiring Geelong Cleaning Service. Visit our website http://cleaningcontractorsgeelong.com.au/ and get to know more about the different cleaning services such as industrial cleaning, domestic cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.

Some benefits of keeping your carpet fresh and tidy

Many people hold several types of carpet in their home that presents you a tremendous feeling of dipping your toes into soft and warm carpet. But some people do not see the importance of carpet cleaning and how it can go to improve their family and their wellness. You should make sure that carpet cleaning occurs a few times a year to go on your rug at its best condition. You can get variety of benefits if you keep your carpet clean and clear.

Carpet Cleaning Geelong

Regularly cleaning keeps your carpet looking great:

Regular cleaning will keep your carpet looking great and healthy longer. At the time of cleaning your carpet, you may put protective chemicals on your carpet, to protect it from spills and keep it looking great as long as possible.

Reduce allergies:

Carpet cleaning helps to catch rid of junk and other things in your rug, because most people do not realize what kind of dust and dirt is buried in carpet.

Clean your carpet from bacteria:

Carpet can often become wet and damp, this is a big spot for bacteria to take up breeding and bacteria can be very harmful to your wellness. You should use products that kill the bacteria that living in your carpet.

Thus above given at some of the tips will help you in keeping your rugs bacteria and dirt free. For cleaning your rug, you should hire professional cleaner in Geelong. Because they are trained and experienced with all types of carpet and use variety of equipments to clean your carpet without harm.

Carpet Cleaning Geelong

If you are planning to hire a professional cleaner,GCS is here to provide you any kind of carpet cleaning services. We are one of the most reliable cleaning companies in Geelong, offering advanced, high quality cleaning services for both residential and commercial purposes.

If you want more info regarding our services, please call us at 0352483515